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Why you should create a vision board...

I learned years ago that New Year's Resolutions don't really work for me. They always just kind of ended up being something I said I would do and then didn't follow through with for very long. When I started taking the time to truly create a vision for the future I wanted, it changed everything! Creating a vision for what you want your life to look like and feel like creates an energy signature for the universe. When you can see it, create it in your head, generate the feeling of having it and the gratitude for getting it, will guide you to it! Visualization is an incredible tool! Allowing yourself to truly dream and create a vision will help get you unstuck and give you the ability to create a physical representation. The physical representation, can serve as a reminder, a motivator, and inspiration when you get in a funk or face a setback. It is something you can use to connect yourself to your goals!

After visualizing your future self, you should celebrate that future self and uniting with it! I like to write a letter to my future self and congratulate myself for making it there. I praise all my accomplishments and the fact that I didn't give up or succumb to setbacks. This truly brings up a passion and fire in me!

Vision boards can take many forms, there is no wrong or right way to create one. I like to include all the areas of well-being on mine to address the whole self. I include something about how I picture myself emotionally (relationships included), mentally, physically, financially, intellectually, socially, and in my occupation. Thinking about all of these areas helps me ensure I have the whole picture! I use a mixture of pictures and words on my board and form a daily habit of looking at it! I make it part of my morning routine!

No matter what area of your life you are hoping to create a positive change in, a visualization session and vision board can help you do it! Tomorrow, I'll be leading a workshop where we go through all of these steps! There is still time to register! Please consider joining us!

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