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In 2015, I began a journey of self-empowerment after awakening to the hole of depression I had fallen into from grief. In order to bring myself out of a state of self-hate, disconnection, and autopilot, I had to do a lot of investigating and healing. As I connect with more women through my Pure Romance and intenSati businesses, I find that I have a passion to support other women in need of a similar journey. I love listening and connecting to other women as they share their stories. I love finding ways to guide them back to loving themselves more and improving their well-being and relationships. I help women find the connection between improved self-love and mindfulness that leads to a higher state of well-being! I can't wait to hear your story and guide you in your own journey!

About: About

"All relationships are a reflection of your 

relationship with yourself!"

Deepak Chopra

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