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I was recently asked about teaching intenSati. I shared that while I teach intenSati class, I also infuse it into everything else I do. When I speak or hold workshops, when I teach in my 3rd grade classroom, and even when I work with women one on one. The reason I infuse intenSati into everything I do is because everything I do is deeply rooted in educating and empowering my audience, whether it be children or women. The combination of intentional movement, language, and focused energy is the magical component to experiencing a mental and emotional shift for learning or empowerment.

The research and science exists, but I'll keep it simple and say that in order to take in new information, we have to be relaxed and open to receive it. Being empowered requires us to find strength and confidence. Both activities involve being in a positive state of being and often this is not a natural state for people. In order to get to a positive state of being we need to shift what we're focusing on and align our language and physiology to match. This is where intenSati comes in.

intenSati has components of neuroscience woven throughout it. It combines building awareness to our thoughts and choosing the thoughts that feel positive and empowering with moving in a way that evokes the desired emotion and repeating language that creates the neural pathways! Practicing intenSati creates and strengthens positive state neural pathways in your brain. Repetitive practice has the power to help you release old limiting beliefs and create new paths! intenSati can help you experience a shift in any area you are looking to make a change in.

Wanna try it out? My next in person class is scheduled for Friday, November 11 in Wildwood, MO at Wren's Nest Wellness from 6-7p.m. You can register online at

Are you trying to make a change in some area of your life but need some support? Message me for information about my coaching programs and other classes available!

Peace & Light,


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